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September 13, 2017

_MG_5730Well is was a crazy summer of transferring the cafe to new operators, planning our wedding, organizing our move, moving to Chicago. Poor old Sisyphus was abandoned for great stretches of time. Necessarily abandoned but not forgotten. Many scribbles were collected with a view to fall reflections…

Here is a random assortment of ideas, thoughts, observations – read, overheard, dictated…gathered like bread crumbs over the summer…

  1. “What is Google, if not the suggestion that, in principle, there are no more questions?” Daniel Brandis
  2. “Meaning today has been reduced to regulating and securing.” Daniel Brandis
  3. “We live in the era of the growth of forgetfulness – from the openness of the Greek entering the world to an increasing forgetfulness, our increasing withdrawal from the world.” -Bertrand Russell
  4. 300568._UY630_SR1200,630_.jpg“This may be the most valuable act we can perform: to make peace with the only reality fate has given us.” -Guy Davenport
  5.  “English is a romance language the way a porpoise is a fish and a bat is a bird.” -Guy Davenport
  6. “Greek time is in the eye, anxious about transitions (beard, loss of boyish beauty). Hebrew time is in the ear (Hear, oh Israel!). What the Greek gods say does not make a body of quotations, they give no laws, no wisdom. But what they look like is of great and constant importance. Yahweh, invisible, is utterly different.” – Guy Davenport
  7. How much of the world one sees in one’s lifetime will depend entirely on what one can tolerate in public washrooms. -based on personal experience
  8. IMG_8144.jpg
  9. (July) The sun, by 7pm is in the western sky. This being mid-summer it won’t set until well after 9. I am sitting on the porch, reading, facing the sun. I hear the horses before I see them, galloping into my view stage right, exiting stage left, circling at the creek and then accelerating back up the length of the field – snorting and playing with each other as they go. The dog jumps from his slumber under my chair and happily takes off after them, eager to join the fun.
  10. (8.a.) “Being with animals, you feel something grander.” -Claire Matin
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