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Spring! You came back!

April 24, 2017

_MG_9416The air is alive, rustling with songbirds. Is this what they mean by a cacophony?

Only now, and for a few weeks, can we hear the gorged creek from the chair of the front porch. Soon it will recede into its stony silence of crayfish and minnows.

There is still snow – some – in the pine stands, and on the north face of the hill, and an early morning fog emerges from off the side of the hill, as if the snow decided to get up and float away.

She smiles at the sight of little garlic sprigs poking their way up through the cracks in the garden sand, as the old cat, full of kitten, chases a fly around the yard.

Like an advancing army the grass grows greener by the day –

_dsc4791-2get down, close, hear the buzz of awakening insects, walk in this spring rain, under the gentle tapping of your umbrella, a hundred, a thousand tapping heartbeats.

_MG_9443Resurrection, re-awakening, a rebellion against death – call it what you will.

Spring is here,

it all begins again,

as it always has,

as if for the first time.

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