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Is it spring yet?

March 8, 2017

Last week, John Stewart made a guest appearance on Stephen Colbert’s Late Night show. During the show Stewart suggested that after Trump’s breakup with the media that it was time journalists took up a hobby.

He suggested journalism.

As I reviewed the range of Monday’s daily newspapers and looked at how everyone was talking “wiretap” – and not talking about the 20 or so new bills Republicans will be introducing into the House to effectively dismantle modern governing – de-construct environmental protections, public education, food and drug regulations, emission standards, coal mining standards (the list goes on), it really makes me wonder what stake the mainstream media has in covering, to such a large extent (on the frontpage) the blatantly obvious bait-and-switch Trump threw out there to distract from the investigation of his Russian connections, and the rapid actions in the House?

Trump can now say that his wiretap accusation is true (at least to his base) because “the media is talking about it, everybody wants answers.”

How convenient. Make an accusation, the media covers it, and then you say it must be true because it is in the news.

This is what constitutes truth in Trumptime.


Strangely, weirdly, for me, nothing epitomized the new hillbilly white trash approach of the Trump administration as photograph of Kellyanne Conway sitting on her knees on an Oval Office sofa while numerous people meet with the president around his desk.

Does it make me an elitist to expect better decorum?

Am I old fashioned to want her to be sitting with her feet on the floor?

In Grade Two I had a teacher pull me by my ear to the principal’s office for spitting in the hallway. She said that civilization had standards, and that those standards were all that separated us from acting like feral cats.

When you look at the pic of Conway texting with her feet under her, don’t you get the urge to pull her out of the office by her ear and give her a tongue lashing about style and composure, and respect for 200 years of History?

Or, am I just being old fashioned?

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