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From the Book of Memories…

February 22, 2017

_DSC6027There is an ancient wisdom teaching, from the very earliest days when Taoism and Buddhism were virtually the same thing in China (2nd and 3rd century BC).

The teachings goes like this:

Two monks are walking down the road. It is late-winter, there is much snow around them, it is sunny, and the first melt of the season is on. The first monk is in his 60’s. The second, is little more than 21.

IMG_0655I am the monkey that happened to be sitting up in the tree, when they walked by underneath.

I didn’t catch all of their chattering, but this is what I heard:

“What is more sacred, the real or the remembered? 

I love walking on an old country road during the spring melt. Entire river systems, from the mountain top, to the floodplanes, all playing themselves out before our eyes. I see all-time and all-things. Lau Tzu, and all of the other Masters, loved to come here to meditate, and to play.

_DSC7165This road ends at a T. Shall we go North, or South? Take your pick. There are a 1/2 dozen roads like this, criss-crossing the Highlands.

They say that it takes new folks about a year to finally know their way amongst them, without getting lost.

DSCF0050Poleless[1]But you didn’t answer my question. Which one is more sacred? The real or the remembered?

Iconography can be difficult to explain, without sounding ridiculous.

A 1/2 moon behind the white birch, the sun blazing over a snow-covered field.

What else can I say, or show you?”

Lin Tzu 213BC



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