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When it smells like bullshit…

February 18, 2017

My daughter is at the University of Waterloo, and so periodically we drive west to take her out for lunch, buy her some groceries, and see how things are going with her.

It’s easy to forget how much of a car culture we live in until you hit the 401, and drive the length of the GTA, from Oshawa to Waterloo. Depending on your point of view it is either a nightmare or a mystical experience to enter that first glimpse of the 3pm rush-hour madness that rises around you like a Tsunami. Soon it is stop-and-go traffic; brake lights disappear into the horizon. From Ajax to Guelph to Hamilton, and all points in between.

In those moments I have no problem understanding the concept of paying a carbon tax. We need to be accountable for our sins!


Bow Lake – November, 2015

My 81-year-old uncle’s father started keeping track of the dates when the ice first went on, and off, of Bow Lake (on 28S). So we know that relative to 100 years ago, the ice now covers the lake about 3 weeks later than it used to, and is off about 3 weeks earlier as well. That’s 6 weeks of winter that doesn’t exist in Bancroft anymore.

Any of you who grew up here in the ’50’s, ’60’s, and ’70’s, know that it was quite usual to have a whole month in late-January and early-February when the overnight temperature fell to -40. (Do you remember the Christmas of 1980, when it dropped to -54C?)

I don’t think we’ve had even one night this winter at -30.

I read that when the red-breasted robin was first spotted migrating into the far north of Canada (a decade ago), the Inuit had no word for it, as they had never seen a robin before.

When do we start paying for our wasteful lifestyles?

But Kathleen Wynn’s new carbon tax reeks of disingenuousness.

Like Trudeau, who came in on a youthful tide of environmental political responsibility and then immediately approved three new pipelines, Wynn loves to speak out of both sides of her mouth at the same time.

She’s disingenuous because while she taxes us for our so-called bad behavior, the Liberals also approve a multitude of new highways in and around the GTA. The cost is in the billions.

As we drive to Waterloo we see that there are three new multi-million dollar interchanges being built on the 401, between Ajax and Pickering. New multi-lane highways that cut north through the cornfields and into the new suburbs to come.

We are slowed by construction west of the city where the 401 is being expanded. Wynn announced a few weeks ago that the Don Valley Parkway is also having more lanes added to it. As is the Gardner Expressway.

Highway expansion is happening all over the GTA as politicians give the developers what they want: more highways for more suburban development.

The great urban planner Jane Jacobs noted decades ago that more highways do not mean less congested traffic. More highways do not increase the flow of traffic.

More highways simply means there will be more cars on the road. Traffic commute-times remain the same, and only get worse with time as more and more cars pour out of the ever-increasing  suburbs.

Wynn’s smart enough to have read Jane Jacobs. She also read the university studies and urban planning reports supporting new tolls on the freeways coming into Toronto. She knows that the City of Toronto is spending 20% of its entire budget trying to keep its massively overburdened public transit system up and running.

She knows that if we were actually going to get serious about dealing with carbon, the province would be pouring $1 billion a year into Toronto’s public transit system. (Rather than Toronto remaining the only city in North America who has to pay for its own subway system.)

Like all Liberal politicians Wynn thinks that she can buy votes from both sides of the fence. Add a carbon tax to appease the environmentalist Left, and build more freeways to win the vote in the conservative 905 suburbs.

What, in fact, she and Trudeau are doing though, is just buying more voter apathy as young voters realize the political system is rigged against them.

There is hardly a young person under 30 who isn’t half-scared witless that the environment may collapse on their head sometime in their lifetime.

Who wants to be around to see what happens when the Yangzi River in China and the Ganges River in India both dry up this century? Miami City Council has been told that their city only has another 15-20 years before it is submerged and uninhabitable. New York might have 50 years left. San Francisco has already banned any new development on its waterfront. Bangladesh now builds its schools on house boats.

The synonyms for disingenuous are:  insincere, dishonest, untruthful, deceitful, and duplicitous.

Take your pick.

They all apply to Kathleen Wynn and her new carbon tax.


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