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Who’s the Donald? I’m The Donald!

February 2, 2017

If you still don’t think that America has transitioned into a Corporate Authoritarian State, then you don’t understand that Trump only banned immigrants and refugees from the Muslim countries where his business – Trump Org. – does not have business interests.

Not even one American has ever been killed by a terrorist from these 7 countries.

The ban did not apply to those 4 Muslim countries where Trump Org exists. Countries who, by the way, are responsible for killing over 3,000 Americans.

And if you can’t see how the upcoming hostilities with China, India, and more of the Middle East are nothing but the Neo-Colonial Counter-Revolution, then you haven’t read enough History.

Trump and Bannon (Newsweek)

America is losing its grip on its 20th Century New World Order – has yet to realize that we are nearly 20% into the 21st century – and Trump’s right-hand man Steve Bannon wants to take us back to 1863, when the cities of Europe were all aflame with religious fervor.

In the end-days of the Roman Empire, Caligula rose to power. Enter Emperor Trump.


Here is something you need to fundamentally understand. Donald Trump currently has an 81% approval rating among Republicans.

You have to understand this to understand the White revolutionary fever that is in America today.

You have to understand that Joe and Karen Average has been so economically screwed over these past 40 years, the standards of education has dropped so precipitously, that irrational political policy and erratic presidential behavior matter so little, because middle-class white America is angry and unmoored, economically, socially, and religiously adrift in a neo-liberal world where the Elites have taken everything for themselves.

In economic statistical terms, the American Empire peaked as the world’s singular dominant economic power in 1972. The historical forces of capitalism’s inherent contradictions and imperial decay are too large for even the might of America to withstand.

Within that contradiction 1% of the people now control 90% of the wealth.

Anyone who has worked on the frontlines of poverty, homelessness, or social justice over the past 20 years knows that the seeds of a counter-revolution were ripe for planting. Once the economic system began to marginalize large numbers of the largest demographic (Whites), minorities – of race, religion, culture, education – increasingly became the targets for White anger.



How ripe are the white masses for a scapegoat – anyone who they can blame for their problems. Islam, liberals, science, political insiders, China, women, immigrants, refugees – all of them – the Grim Reaper’s of the Great American Dream.


Greed and bloodlust are the narcotics of choice for most of our economic and political elite sociopaths – as it was for the pirates and Ghangis Khans of History – who have always lived among us.

They are the breeders of fascism, witch hunts, inquisitions, religious zealots – men who will walk into a Quebec City mosque and randomly open fire on suburban prayer worshipers.

Trump has replaced the Joint Chief of Staff and the Chief of Intelligence on the National Security Council with ultra-nationalist and white supremacist Steve Bannon. Bannon is the sort of character cockroach politician we have not seen out in the open since the days of South African Apartheid.

Friends with Putin (for now) and Netanyahu – these are the types of men who will dismantle their own democratic governments on a whim of fury or as a final grasp at glory.


The Drums of Mordor beat throughout the land, and the Elfin are trying to hide in the woods. Trump and Bannon now control the largest military machine ever known to exist in the history of man, yet, both because of that and despite it, the resistance continues to grow among the global citizen.

We know that nothing will change without a counter-vision – those old bug-a-boos of justice, equality, liberty, opportunity.

There are many dark days ahead before America emerges into the other side.

This shit is not just words we read in history books. The living collective memory of war may be sufficiently extinguished, the Elders are mostly gone, and a new bloodlust is in the air. We can’t all just go hide in the woods, and wait for it to pass.

Few of us have the ability to see the contradictions and ramifications of a post-America new world order. What I do know as an amateur student of History, is that change is almost always violent.That the forces of revolution / counter-revolution circle each other like the Yin-Yang, that on the great Hindu/Taoist/Buddhist Wheel of Life, we are constantly moving between the light and the dark.


The protest movement, contrary  to middle-class baby boomer beliefs, is indeed alive and on the move. It may not yet be totally fit, or particularly muscular, but the movement has started going back to the gym on an almost daily basis.

America was built on a revolutionary rhetorical fervor of freedom, liberty, and equality. And for all of its history, they have always ever only been words on a piece of paper encased in glass. (Any person of color will tell you that.)

America only wanted slaves from Africa. Trump sure as hell doesn’t want its immigrants or refugees.

But History shows that these principles can only be tamped down, they can never be entirely extinguished.

Sure, the average person will allow their freedoms to erode – a lot! – as long as they still make a living and can put the kids in after-school programming. But the collective mass has a limit before there is push-back. Vietnam, Gay Pride, anti-Apartheid, the Berlin Wall, are all recent examples of this limit.


So is this the end-times of the 20th century American Dream? Is La La Land indeed so popular because we all want to go back to the 1950’s, when movie musicals and White middle-class opportunity was making people’s head’s spin – like children running in a spring meadow? Back to when Black men happily played Jazz in White bars and the Lone Ranger’s sidekick was a Mexican chap named Stupid (Tonto).

Or, will America go back even further, and somewhere in the land right now there is an Abraham Lincoln, a Martin Luther King, or a Mother Jones, who will emerge to be our next Beacon of Hope?

Will you be, as Toronto Star journalist Vinay Menon noted, “waking up one day in a cold sweat and realizing the world is burning and America, once a shining city upon a hill, is now a darkened village in an isolated valley under tyrannical rule where long forgotten democratic ideals are fossilizing in the sludge?”


That is the glory and the tragedy of History, baby!

There were no good ole-days.

There is no place to hide.


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  1. Peggy Wildsmith permalink
    February 2, 2017 6:54 pm

    Well said in plain English that even perhaps, maybe, hopefully, Trump supporters can understand. I would like to post this to my FB page if you will allow? Thanks.

    • S.J. Hines permalink*
      February 2, 2017 9:31 pm

      absolutely – go for it! The more we talk together the sooner new solutions are found.

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