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trip the Trump-fantastic!

November 14, 2016

Man, it seems that most [pseudo]liberals are having a hard time squaring what happened with the American election. How could the good American citizens vote for a racist, misogynist, xenophobic, anti-free-trade, potential neo-Nazi? How?

The Globe and Mail, the Washington Post, and the New York times are all breaking their backs trying to explain how this calamity could have happened. They say that it just doesn’t make any sense.

But the only way to pretend not to be able to answer this question is to live in denial.

Over the last forty years, beginning with the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980, and the subsequent elections of Margaret Thatcher, and Brian Mulroney and others, neo-liberal free-trade economics have been rammed down our throats by these politicians who represent Wall Street. Economic policies that have left the vast majority of North Americans poorer, and getting poorer.

While bank and corporate profits have soared to record levels over the past four decades the average person is more in debt than at any time since the Great Depression. Wages are about 40% what they were worth in 1980 when Ronald Reagan came to power. (If the minimum wage had kept pace even with inflation over this period it would now be $22/hr – instead of $11 in Ontario, and much less in many states. If it had kept pace with Wall Street returns over the same time period, it would be about $60/hr now.)

The gap between the rich and the poor is at an all time high. As we all know, 95% of the economic recovery that has occurred since the 2008 crash has gone to 5% of the people.

95% of the population are left to fight over pie flakes while the other 5% eat the actual pie.

Historically, as long as the economic pie grew – and grew for all people (even if only marginally for minorities) – “the people” can be generous with each other; they can take in refugees; welcome immigrants; spend money on universities, embrace multiculturalism. This fundamental truth goes as far back as the bustling multicultural cities of ancient Egypt, Athens, Rome, Cordoba, and Berlin.

But when the pie shrinks, when, in fact, it ceases to exist at all for large swaths of the people, then the people revert to tribal identities, xenophobic scapegoating, racist exclusion. Minorities are often violently purged from the system.

This fundamental truth also goes back to ancient Egypt, Athens, Rome, Cordoba, and Berlin.

American History has shown time and time again that White America will sell out the Aboriginal, the Black, and the Person of Color every-single-time – if it means that it will leave them just one more economic crumb for themselves.


The 2016 presidential candidates put forth by the Democratic Party and the Republican Party were so obnoxious to the people that 1/2 the people didn’t bother to vote at all. 80% of young voters, Blacks, and people of color did not vote. The Democratic Party fucked over the Sanders people so thoroughly that those people almost to a whole did not vote.

The American white middle class has been summarily dismantled by neo-liberal economic policies, the children of the former white middle class know they have no prospects of attaining the lives their parents once attained, and everyone else – Black, Brown, Hispanic, Muslim – all know that they have now been thrown down the river by a tyranny of the majority who would rather vote in a neo-Fascist President than have yet another 4 years of a Wall Street puppet.

What the Globe and Mail, Washington Post, and New York Times do not want to tell you is that they represent the neo-liberal economic agenda, and the global free trade policies that took $15-$35 an hour jobs out of South Dakota and western Ontario and Michigan and put them in 50-cent-an-hour Dickensian factories in China, Indonesia, Guatemala, or Vietnam.

So they look for any excuse to make sense of this election – save examining the fundamental economic realities of the last 40 years.

In interview after interview that I have seen posted since the election I have listened as a surprising number of Americans (but not all) explain that they did not vote in favor of Trump, but that more accurately, they voted against more of the same neo-liberal policies that have taken jobs out of America.

Hillary, as a political insider elite who has supported neo-liberal agendas for decades and has sold out her country  time and again could not gain any momentum in this election. Her only campaign stance was “Vote for me, I’m not Donald”.

Trump was the only not-four-more-years-of-the-same option.

Now, sadly, Trump will send out the Trolls to rule over the land – those who believe in the KKK-lynching-back-of-the-bus mass deportation anti-abortion anti-immigrant anti-people of color burn-the-books anti-First Amendment style America that Trump trumpeted.

His newly appointed chief strategist Steve Bannon, is a man openly and proudly anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim, and trumpets white supremacy. His VP talks like he just arrived from the mid-17th century.

Hate crimes have exploded across America in the three days since the election. The Orks have come out to play!

It will get ugly and violent.

The people who control the Democratic Party, and Hillary Clinton, have no one to blame but themselves for the mess America is now in. (And Barak Obama for that matter,  who perpetuated another 8 years of neo-liberal economic policy – let’s not forget that he wanted to sign the TTIP free trade deal, a deal that would give corporations the power (over politicians) to make and enforce new laws, as well as go down in history as the president who legalized torture.)

Those who run the party should be fired en mass. And people who actually represent those most affected by the neo-liberal agenda should be hired to replace them. But I have seen no headline stating such.

And it’s no surprise that neither the Democratic Party nor Hillary Clinton took any blame for what happened in Tuesday’s election.

Clinton’s consolation speech was entirely guilt free.

Unlike Oedipus, she did not want to poke out an eye once she saw the enormity of her crime.



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