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the phoniest man alive…

September 17, 2016

I have always been fascinated by the “Bill Clinton” the mainstream media takes a lot of time to manufacture, in America.

The saxophone playing groovy hip-cat progressive happy kind of guy, the guy who runs a global non-profit charity (in his own name), fighting disease and injustice wherever he can. A man of modesty and conviction; someone we pine for in the wake of a Bush, and Obama, and a Trump. That he is hip with the Black community, the real first Black President of America.

And the actual shit fucker who de-regulated the banking industry – fully knowing what was to come – who took almost no heat for the 2008 bank collapse (by blaming his previous decisions on bad advisers  ) – the soulless politician who cut welfare to single mothers, who cut the education budget, who stood at the base of a Klu Klux Klan Monument in front of Black inmates (at a state prison) and said he would get tough on crime – the minion of Satan bomber of Middle eastern schools and African toothpaste factories.

(Our real gut-level fear of Hilary is that Bill was but the puppet, and Hilary is the Puppetmaster.)

Here is a brilliantly done review of just how Clinton manipulated race relations in America for his own political gain. It’s diabolical and evil and sad – Clinton knew this – but he did it anyway…

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