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Spring cleaning…

April 15, 2016

Spring cleaning of random observations (from my winter notebook)…

1. Truth (overheard):

“It’s easier to eat a large pizza than it is to go back through the rolodex of one’s life and find where that hole is that I am trying to fill.”

2. Confusion (as heard on CBC Radio):

“While the gap between the rich and poor grows ever wider, all politicians can talk about is the “middle class”. But who is the middle class, and where do they live?”

3. Stress (8am cafe lineups):

Oh, the stress!

Everyone stressed – with work, family, body image, weight, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, partners, yoga, friends – so stressed, to the point that we can’t see each other’s stress – or how stressful we have designed our middle-class mainstream culture.

The stress in the room – to the outsider – is practically pathological – yet unseen to us – as we all stand in a straight line to await our daily dose of caffeine.

4. Cockroaches (again, as heard on CBC Radio):

Listening to the radio regarding the on-going FIFA scandal – hearing that one of the FIFA chiefs had a penthouse apartment in New York city simply to house his cats.

I suppose I could admire the balls it would take to try and pull a stunt like this off, except that I want to break said balls, for being such a corrupt and arrogant deushbag.

It’s like when I heard about the Prince of Brunei and his solid gold toilet.

What are we to do with these twits?

There’s no chemo treatment that works against these cancer cells of humanity.

Like cockroaches, the best we ever seem to do is have periods of time when we control their numbers, and stomp them when the occasional one crawls out from under the stove.

5. Breathing:

“That you should know, upon awakening, whether an inhalation or an exhalation is happening. While you are falling asleep, you should realize, “Falling asleep inhaling,” or “Falling asleep exhaling.”


6. Meditation:

I watch the bark – like a great sheath – breathe, expand, grow!

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