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Attawapiskat! Who really gives a fuck…?

April 14, 2016

When all of the children in your community want to kill themselves, when there have been more than a hundred suicide attempts in less than six months – when you hear that 13 youth agreed to a pact to do a mass suicide – you stop, and you realize that you are standing at the end of a long and tragic story that started with St. Anne’s residential school – the most noxious and notorious of Canada’s illustrious attempts at cultural and physical genocide of an Aboriginal people – these are those children and grandchildren of The Disappeared…

The parents and grandparents who as children were beaten, bones broken, received electro-shock therapy (yes, the school actually had an electric chair), executed, disappeared, the mass graves people – then thrown back into the remote woods of James Bay, back into impoverished, malnourished, under-housed, alcoholic, drug addicted, PTSD destroyed communities; left to rot with no services, or potable water, transportation, modern medicine, hopelessness…

While the rest of the world plays at being aristocracy and takes two weeks at a resort in Mexico, sips fair-trade lattés at hipster cafés, buys their heirloom seeds, plot their Stanley Cup hockey pools, and is so ignorant – of these spaces in their own country – ignorant to their own history – to the reality of fifth world living conditions – that they just generally don’t give a fuck about drunk Indians and their tax-free lifestyles.

Nothing has changed since I was last on a northern reservation in the 1980’s. They were being forced to live in the stone-age before cell phones, and they remain almost completely isolated from the modern age today.

And so our federal politicians called for an “emergency debate”, at the last hours of the day (yesterday).

“Let’s all catch a bite, we’re going to The Keg, if anyone’s interested, and then lets meet back here at 6 to discuss it.”

“Here, here!”

And so they all settled back in at 6 and declared that the crisis was indeed a crisis, something really should be done about it, it’s completely unacceptable, and that sort of thing in the 21st century; they told someone down the line to look into it and get back to them, someone should write a report about it, and Prime Minister Shiny Pony decided that something really should be done, and that it should be done as soon as possible.

Tomorrow is a new day!

And did everyone remember to bring their selfie sticks?


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