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this is not about Marie Henein…

March 30, 2016

So, I read in the Toronto Star this morning that Jian Ghomeshi’s defence lawyer, the brilliant and intense Marie Henein had to go on CBC last night and defend herself for getting Ghomeshi off on his sexual assault charges.

She has received death threats, she has been blamed for the verdict, for setting women’s rights back 50 years, she has been vilified in social media.

First the system blames the female victims for the assaults, and now some of the public want to blame Henein – the only female lawyer in this case, I might add – for the verdict.

That’s just fucked!

Why not hold the men account?

Why not hold the prosecution accountable for the abysmal job HE did? (see:

Why not hold the judge accountable for not staying focussed on the assault, and not on the nonsense that happened afterwards?

Why not expose the fundamental flaws in the system that leaves 98 out of every 100 sexual assault victims not bothering to seek restitution?

Henein was hired to do a job – a job that any defence attorney is hired to do – she did it well. End of her story.

All we end up with is more blaming of females for sexual assaults – which is just plain sad.



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