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and the ones that mother gives you…don’t do anything at all…

February 11, 2016

I have an acquaintance from my high school days, who, after a stint working for the Conservatives in provincial politics, now works for a major pharmaceutical company, and she says she is often frustrated at how misunderstood big-pharma is by the public – that they are seen, unfairly, for being as much parasitical as they are revolutionaries in the fight against disease.

It’s hard to sympathize though when yet another major study has been released revealing that more than a few big-pharma companies have “improperly” revealed the very serious side-effects of their anti-depressants – especially on young people.

These side effects being: increased aggression, increased suicidal thoughts, increased suicidal attempts.

Side effects that the study discovered which are about twice the level that big-pharma claims they are.

Given that anti-depressants are a multi-billion business, of course everyone has good reason to under report the side effects.

Governments have long been adverse to properly deal with the roots of youth depression in this country – abuse, poverty, unemployment – and big-pharma has been more then eager to step into the vacuum with their little magic pills that we can all pretend will make a young person’s clouds go away.

Studies consistently show that counselling is more effective than pills, but that involves trained people and salaries and meeting spaces – money that the government doesn’t want to spend.

In Nova Scotia ( where I recently worked with homeless youth) doctors give out anti-depressants like it’s candy. It’s an epidemic on the streets.

The youth routinely trade them for food, opiates, housing, sex.

Anti-depressants are part of the great charade of Maritime happiness one imagines finding in roadside lobster shacks and at Celtic music festivals.

What they do (try to do, poorly) is mask the great tide of abuse and poverty and violence that so infects the culture.

Everyone is in on the lie.

And the only ones getting happy are the big-pharma shareholders – who have even less interest in revealing the truth – so long as the profits keep rolling in.

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