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Heads we win, tails you lose…

February 4, 2016

A coin toss?

No, not just a coin toss. Multiple coin tosses.

Are you serious?

Hillary Clinton only won the Iowa primary over Bernie Sanders because of coin tosses!

How is this a democratic process?

You see, the Iowa primary (for the democrats) is not based on one person one vote, but on caucus consensus.

And so, when a caucus of democrats are locked, the decision is reduced to a coin toss. According to the news, at least 6 local caucuses had to be decided on coin tosses – which went Hillary’s way.

While many in the Democratic Party machinery want a clean Clinton coronation (all the while continuing to give blowjobs to Wall Street), democrats on the ground are increasingly so grateful that Bernie is standing up to the democratic politburo that they are starting to vote for him.

Bernie will make Hillary answer the tough questions: where does she stand on universal health care? Gun control? Immigration? Tuition? Equal rights? Maternity leave? The environment? Economics?

For months Clinton’s answers to Sanders’ questions have been tepid, unfocussed, and mostly conservative. As a result, she almost lost Iowa, and will most assuredly lose New Hampshire.

The hope is that Clinton will see these early primaries as a real wake-up call and she will then start to tell democrats (and all Americans) why she should be their presidential candidate for the election in November.

Just because she is a strong woman with some [dubious] political street cred isn’t going to be enough.

The world, and the problems America face are more complicated than that and Hillary needs to show that she is up to the challenge.

Bernie Sanders has no problem stating his position as an openly liberal socialist politician not beholding to corporate handouts – and he doesn’t give a damn what the conservative media thinks of him.

He has been in politics long enough to know the hard realities of day-to-day politics – he’s been both a mayor and a state representative – but he also knows, that as a leader of America’s politically progressive base, he wants to speak in ideals that include economic fairness, political and legal equality, multiculturalism, science, hope, change.

It’s time to see where Hillary stands.

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