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time to deal with the trash…

February 1, 2016

I return from my sabbatical to a celebrity scandal.

We don’t have many celebrity trials in Canada – but we’ve got one now – it’s about to start this week – and it involves one of Canada’s darling boys, Jian Ghomeshi.

For years a favorite radio personality – listened to every morning from 10am to 11:30, by millions. Ghomeshi had a honeyed liquid voice just made for radio. He was not bright enough to be off-putting, but just bright enough and progressive enough to keep Canada’s educated classes entertained and somewhat informed.

He was everything that CBC supposes to espouse: a liberal, a supporter of feminist ideals, an immigrant son who made it big, a little bit thoughtful.

He was especially loved by women in the 25-45 age category – and it is they who have been most deeply insulted by his alleged crimes of multiple sexual assaults and one count of overcoming resistance by choking.

Not just against one woman has he been alleged to commit these crimes, but against a number of women, over a number of years.

I had written a few years ago about how he can come across on the radio as a bit sleazy at times, and while I lived in Toronto and ran amongst that crowd of people in the cultural zeitgeist, it was often rumored that he could be a bit of a pig at parties – with his “hey, I’m Jian Ghomeshi, you should feel privileged that I just groped you” attitude – but we just chalked that up to celebrity male ego and looking to fuck groupies – but we were not at all prepared for the actual accusations that finally surfaced against him last year by a number of women.

His crimes were a slap in the face to all of us.

Thank God for due process, or he would have been lynched long ago, such was our initial outrage at the news.

Though, if the crimes be true, we are all still fervently agreed, that we hope he does a good chunk of time rotting in jail.

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