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what’s in your garlic…?

December 16, 2015

If you, like me, have lived and breathed anywhere near North American mainstream culture over the past 25 years, you know, like me, that garlic is now understood to be one of what I will call The Superfoods of life. How we ever lived without it, is now beyond me.

It is now widely understood within western culture to be one of the most important foods to eat – for both health, and vitality! (The Chinese have known this for thousands of years.)

In the world of food – garlic sits amongst the Gods in the Pantheon.

I was raised Catholic, so when I say that garlic – onion – ginger make up the Holy Trinity of food, other Catholics will understand what I mean.

Super-antioxidant/immune system booster/vitality energizer – this little plant brings life to all who eat it, to all things it touches. It makes food taste better, cleans your blood, puts a spring in your step, a rocket in your pants!

We know all of these things. So now here’s the game-show question for you: if you had to choose, would you prefer your garlic to be grown in a hothouse concoction of herbicides and pesticides, or, would you prefer that it be grown where human waste was used as its fertilizer?

Those are your choices.

Well, this is not entirely true. In China (where most of our cheap garlic comes from – also, the most polluted country on the planet), farmers were not only discovered to be using untreated human waste as fertilizer, but they were also using any and all herbicide/pesticide combinations that they could find to make the garlic grow faster, and with a minimum amount of plant damage.

Yum! Human waste garlic!

I say again – yum!

Of course, there is a third option. You could always buy local organic garlic.

But that shit is expensive! (Usually about three times as expensive as the pesticide express garlic.) Who can afford it? (Yet another reason to be in the economic middle class, I suppose.)

Sure, most of us can’t afford to eat organic. We can barely afford food as it is – what with skyrocketing rental prices and stagnant wages.

But you can still be selectively organic. Just make your superfoods organic, and buy one less bag of chips. One less Tim’s a week. One less pack of smokes a week. (Get rid of your cable TV and buy tons of organic!)Whatever it is that there is too much of in your life – make it less – buy the organic superfoods.

Or, start small, buy a little organic and mix it with your cheaper garlic.

Think of it as a small investment in your future. Or, in your kids’ future. Or, as an investment in your heart; your love life; your mood; your cholesterol.

Remember too, that the more we buy organic, the more farmers will get on board with producing organic food, the cheaper organic food becomes.

Garlic is one of those magic foods. Trust me – buy the organic version whenever you can afford it – you’ll begin to feel better in no time.

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