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warm december days…

December 8, 2015

_DSC5126From the right perspective

we are all fish,

however you get to that perspective,

is your business.

For me, today, I walk with the family dog

up through the backwoods and hills –

_DSC5141it is crazy warm, and my thoughts stress about this weather,

with its silent portent of warmer things to come.

But the soul dances at the chance to

walk easily through a wet forest on

a warm afternoon in December.

_DSC5070The milkweed – the milkweed –

if you stop and look at the milkweed –

a milkweed – or this rock, covered in lichen –

you will see that we are indeed all fish,

and we swim in a vast and wondrous sea.

I have seen these seas, remote islands in Indonesia,

_DSC5133the Great Barrier Reef, Hawaii…

and so I know, a little,

of what I speak.


While I stood here, in the open, lost in myself,
I must have looked a long time
Down the corn rows, beyond grass,
_DSC5104The small house,
White walls, animals lumbering toward the barn.
I look down now. It is all changed.
Whatever it was I lost, whatever I wept for
Was a wild, gentle thing, the small dark eyes
Loving me in secret.
It is here. At a touch of my hand,
The air fills with delicate creatures
From the other world.

James Wright

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  1. December 8, 2015 4:43 pm

    very nice.

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