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I could care less…!

December 4, 2015

Do you think it was a coincidence that Canada’s corporate media decided that while the Paris Environment Conference was going on, a global conference that many believe to be the most important one to be held on the state of the planet’s climate so far, that this would be a good time to wag their chins about Justin Trudeau’s use of 2 nannies – more specifically, that the nannies are being paid for by the taxpayer? And they aren’t even working for minimum wage, to boot!

And did you notice that not only was nothing being done at the Paris conference, but most of the media wasn’t talking about the fact that nothing was being done? Sure, all the leaders were readily admitting that something should be done, but all the while, they were doing nothing of substance.

Did you see how the French government banned any environmental protests from happening, and then used tear gas and water cannons on people when they decided to march anyway?

Did you also notice this week when the weather-people on the evening news talked about the fact that this Sept-Oct-Nov was the hottest ever recorded in Ontario? That it was also the hottest 3 months ever recorded for the planet?

Don’t you think it is weird that we are still jogging in shorts in December?

Did you notice when the news reported that Australia is currently having its hottest and driest summer in recorded history?

Or, that India is having one of its worst monsoon seasons ever recorded in history?

So what the hell’s up with Trudeau’s nannies anyway?

Global News tried to make this nanny thing into a bigger story, but whenever they asked “the people on the streets” about it, people were like, “sure, I can see them needing nannies. The guy hasn’t stopped going since the election. How is one expected to be a PM, if he doesn’t have nanny support?”

So, it wasn’t really news afterall – but hell, the National Post, The Sun, and the Globe and Mail picked up on the story anyway. The G&M even tried to say that it was a “real” story, because most people can relate to it – whereas, climate change, if it is indeed happening, is much harder to relate to, and therefore, I suppose, the implication being, that it is not a “real” story.

And where did Trudeau’s wife get that hat? That hat she wore when she had to see the Queen! What’s up with that hat? Who is her fashion consultant?

Apparently, according to one evening newscast, in a recent poll, only 15% of Canadians put their concerns for the environment as their current #1 concern, so really, why was Trudeau even in Paris at all?

(If the people aren’t that interested, then the PM should take his cue from the popular polls of the people and he should have stayed home.)

Because, you know, that’s how politics should work. Harper understood that. Fuck the environment! I don’t care about it. You don’t care about it. So why discuss it?

But I do care about what kind of hats the PM’s wife is going to wear when she visits the queen…and whether her couture dress will give her a nice ass, or not…


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