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crisis? what crisis?

November 29, 2015

It seems that if one chooses to rant at the state of politics and the group of inept politicians currently in charge of dealing with it all, the environment, the American police, mainstream media, or the rising levels of poverty – well, then it seems that one quickly finds themselves in a quagmire of ranting.

And the ranting seems to go in all directions. President Obama, who seemed to have decided last year that maybe the environment was important afterall, said yesterday, that whatever was decided at this week’s global environment conference near Paris, it wasn’t going to be legally binding on the U.S. Trudeau agreed and said the same thing.

Meanwhile on the news this morning I hear that Australia is again – for the 8th year in a row – burning up. each year’s drought, now worse than the year before.

Michael Enright, the host of CBC Radio’s #1 Sunday Morning show, actually wants to know this morning if ISIS is an accurate representative of Islam. Gee, I don’t know Michael, is the Christian-based KKK an accurate representative of Christianity? Are the ultra-right wing Likuds of Israel and accurate representative of Judaism?

I don’t know if Michael Enright decides the content of the radio show he has hosted for the last 20-some years, or if he is just a talking head host and others decide content, but if he is, given the hysterical direction he and the show has taken since the Paris attacks, then maybe it is time for him to go.

A massive nation-wide report came out last week on the state of poverty in this country, and the only media source that I saw who covered it – and they gave it the front page coverage it deserved – was the Toronto Star. I saw it nowhere else. Poverty levels in this country are now at their worst levels since the 1950’s, and no one wants to talk about it.

Oh, the ranting I could do!

How inept are our media and political representatives in discussing the true state of things.

And now we are being directed to gaze across the sea to the Paris Climate Talks – and to believe that our leaders are there to seriously address the state of the environmental crisis. Holed up, as they will be, far from the marching masses who will be demanding more than nice talk over 3-star meals.

But who in the media will tell you that coal and oil representatives have been invited to address the conference, but no environmental group was invited to speak?

Who, but (again) the Toronto Star, will tell you that newly passed French governmental laws designed to deal with “terrorism” (after the Paris attack) were used last week by French police forces to invade the offices of environmental groups?

Oh, they ranting we could do!

An abortion clinic is shot up this week in Colorado, killing three and injuring many others, the man’s actions are praised by many anti-abortionists across the land, and the media/politicians refuse to call this a terrorist act, by a fringe group of people who are hell bent on killing people who support a woman’s right to choose.

Oh, the ranting we could do!

Anyone with a brain will tell you that ISIS doesn’t represent Islam. That the environment is rapidly going to hell in a handbasket. And that the mainstream media is now 90% owned by less than a handful of international conglomerations who have no interest in talking honestly about the root causes of many of our problems (for they would be directly indicted); and would prefer that you simply shop till you drop – for it is the holiday season, afterall…

what would Jesus buy, this holiday season…?

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