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Paris! Paris! Paris! OMG – did you see what happened in Paris?!

November 19, 2015

So, I was talking to someone today who works in “international security”, who told me, that the reality of the Paris attack – the cynical reality, the dark humor reality – is that the attack was like a pre-Christmas “dollars from heaven” bonanza for the security industry.

This is the sad reality of these occurrences. There is money to be made – large money – in fighting terrorism.

As many of you know, Dick Cheney was a former board member of the company Haliburton – a company that has made billions on the war in Iraq (much of it unaccounted for – seriously, $3b cannot be found).

The stock market went crazy this week for companies that deal in weapons. Many of them up 10-20%.

And it was no surprise tonight that while watching the 6 o’clock evening news, Belgium, France, the US, and Russia, all announced hundreds of millions in new spending on “security upgrades”.

I am always amazed, how there is never any money for anti-poverty programs at home, yet, suddenly there are millions and millions and millions to be spent on new security contracts. Like a magician, they pull it straight out of a hat.

Harper’s magazine noted this month that the Pentagon somehow spent $340 million training 154 new security recruits in Iraq. That works out to just over $2.2 million per recruit.

Imagine if our university students got that kind of support? Or our inner city after-school programs?


You may think the sky is falling because your beloved Paris had a terrorist attack last week, but let me remind you that 144 Syrians have died every day of the 4 year Syrian civil war. Every day!

Many cities there weren’t simply attacked – they are gone!



Where is their 6 o’clock evening news poetry; their candlelight vigils; their Youtube video memorials?

Nigerian Christians are slaughtering Nigerian Muslims – where is our outrage?

No, all the world needs is one attack on a precious western city, and dollars fall from heaven – 1,000’s of new police are hired, personal surveillance is increased, more cameras are mounted on every corner.

Soon, we will all be GPS’d – strictly for our own safety (of course).

90% of tonight’s evening news was still dedicated to the Paris attack. Apparently, there is no other news, in the entire world, to report on.

Another 128 civilians were killed by extremists in Kenya yesterday. Nothing.

There was a bombing in Hungary. Nothing.

South America, Asia, South Asia, and Africa have ceased to exist.

Paris! Paris! Paris!

Oh my God, did you see what happened in Paris?!

It is the worst crisis fear mongering perpetuated by the media since 9/11.

It is absurd, and disgusting.

Enough already.

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