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The Masters of War…

November 17, 2015

In yesterday’s Toronto Star, after full pages dedicated to Paris, and our media’s increasingly hysterical call for our Prime Minister to “do something”, I saw a little thumbnail article – not much more than an inch or two – about 2 mass graves that were found earlier this week near the northern border of Iraq.

Approximately 150 Kurdish women and children were found in these mass graves – presumably executed by ISIS militants, as the region had been  controlled by ISIS.

That was all we were told. Buried deep in the newspaper. There were no full-page spreads demanding revenge.

Women and children.

Yet, the sky appears to have fallen over Paris. The French are at war! And we should be by their side cries the media of the lands.

How opportune that just prior to the G20, when Trudeau and other leaders were going to have a serious look at how to stop corporate profit shifting (ie. when Starbucks takes its American profits and hides it in Europe, and thus pays no American taxes; or when European corporations do the same and hide their profits in the Caribbean), and how to get real about climate change; suddenly it is all about security – again.

How utterly convenient.

Putin revealed today that ISIS is being funded by a number of countries willing to trade with them – including many G20 countries.

Its all about the oil – and ISIS has got lots of it.

I saw today that the stock market for weapons manufacturing has skyrocketed since the Paris attack. Ka-ching! Merry Christmas!

So much money to be made – as pawns kill pawns while the kings of commerce go about their daily business.

Should we be pleased that so little has changed with time – Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, El Salvador, Ukraine, Iraq, Palestine…

or, should we be horrified?


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  1. Dianne Eastman permalink
    November 17, 2015 8:06 pm

    “How utterly convenient”: true. Much easier to wring hands together fearfully than figure out how to tackle corporate power. Well put, Sisyphus.

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