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hush up, hush up…all fall down…

October 31, 2015

As soon as Russia announced that it was going into Syria to fight whomever it was that King Assad was fighting against – his own people, ISIS, Kurds, or Turks, or all of the above – anyway, you knew it wouldn’t be long before the American military hawks would say that they wanted to play too.

So it was with no surprise – just sadness – that yesterday America announced that it was sending troops to Syria.

If any of you are fans of the old West Wing TV series, you will know why this announcement was made on a Friday…because no one pays attention to the news on a Friday…and by Monday it will already be old news.

Why, what for, to what purpose, is America sending troops to Syria? Does it matter? And how soon will this not be about Syria, and about American relations with Russia? American fighter jets have already “intercepted” Russian jets – how long before that gets out of hand?

The Global News reporter last night said that America was putting boots on the ground because “America had exhausted all other options” – I assume that line came straight off a Pentagon press release.

I also assume that our own Canadian military hawks will immediately pressure Trudeau to join in the fun and games. Why, what for, and to what end won’t matter – we must join our allies – we must, we really must…

But, if you listen to all the news casts about Syria this weekend, you will discover that we won’t really be sending soldiers – we will simply be “putting boots on the ground”.

What a tragic Orwellian euphemism if ever there was one. Don’t call them soldiers, don’t think about them as young men and women. No, they are just “boots on the ground”.

And the corporate news media plays along with this euphemism.

Let’s not forget all the feet and legs and bodies and souls and dreams and ambitions and fears and death that will come with those “boots”.

There are always other options to such nonsense – but for a certain mindset of military men (and women) there is never really another option besides war, and violence…two steps forward, three steps back, ring around the rosie a pocketful of posie, hush up hush, all fall down…


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  1. Dianne Eastman permalink
    October 31, 2015 1:12 pm

    This is a great sentence: “Let’s not forget all the feet and legs and bodies and souls and dreams and ambitions and fears and death that will come with those “boots”.

    Poor Syria. Stupid world.

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