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Bernie… Bernie… Bernie…

October 29, 2015

Bernie Sanders, Madison, Wisconsin speech – July 2015

If you still living in the woods, and have not been following Bernie Sanders campaign to be the Democratic presidential nominee in next year’s American election – then you are missing out on something really important and exciting.

He is openly “socialist” – as the term is [mis]understood in America – FOX News refers to him as a communist – and he has both parties shaking in their boots that he might just pull this off.

Republican brass have already said he would be a more dangerous candidate to go up against than Hillary Clinton, and the Democratic Party won’t go near him with their support.

American corporate media has so far tried all methods at their disposal to denounce him – they have called him crazy, eccentric, a communist, a socialist, out of touch, unelectable, egocentric.

But Bernie just keeps rolling along – with rallies that dwarf anything Clinton can pull together; he leads in the polls in most primary states; he refuses to take corporate campaign money; and he is not afraid to talk about the real issues confronting America in the 21st century.

If you thought ousting Stephen Harper was a wet dream come true – it is near impossible to imagine  an America where someone like Bernie Sanders came to hold office.

But we also know bad things can happen to good people in America – a manufactured scandal, a sudden health problem, and worse things, that not needed to be mentioned here, lest they produce bad jou-jou.

As all eyes turn to the 2016 American election he will only draw more people into his dream of a fair and equal America for all.

And that is precisely what has powerful people worried.


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  1. October 29, 2015 5:03 pm

    As someone who is a US citizen by birth and a Canadian through descent and living in Canada, I can throw my support only behind a candidate who’s committed to repealing the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, which under Harper’s Bill C-31 turned Canadian banks into snitches for the IRS. With long-term American expats renouncing in record numbers (the line up to renounce is months long at the Toronto consulate), I’m committed to supporting any candidate who will end the insanity of taxing US citizens in perpetuity and regardless of where they live – even if it means firmly holding my nose.

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