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Justin and Sophie – our new reigning God and Goddess…

October 20, 2015

On election eve I had a dream – and in that dream Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party had won a strong minority government – say around 155 of the necessary 170 seats – and so he had to turn to Thomas Mulcair and Elizabeth May to form a coalition government.

And  because of that coalition, a national childcare plan was laid out across the land, and poor single mothers – who make up the largest group of people living in poverty in this country (outside of the Aboriginal community) would have a chance to send their children to a decent standardized daycare and get the social and educational headstart they needed and deserved – while their mothers could work and increase their income and their standard of living.

Because of the coalition, the minimum wage was raised to $15 an hour (which is still a measely amount); 60% of Canadian workers currently make less than $15 an hour, and with their new money they spent some of it and the economy grew, personal debt decreased (a little), the tax base grew, people breathed a little easier, and we discovered that we had more money for schools and universities and innovation research and research and development. And we thought, what a good idea, and so we raised the minimum wage to $22 an hour – which is where it should have been all along (if it were to stay in line with 1975 levels) – and we breathed even more easily – and with the money built apprenticeship programs across the country and discovered that we could employ more of our own young men and women who were now trained to international standards, and we could stop importing our construction workers and welders and all sorts of trained from places like Germany and Ireland.

irrigation canals in India being covered with solar panels – prevents evaporation and creates renewable energy

In this dream Elizabeth May was brought into Trudeau’s Cabinet as the new Minister of the Environment and she went to the upcoming global conference on climate change (to be held in Paris at the end of November) with a real mandate for environmental change. Canada declares that it is moving strongly in the direction of catching up with Germany, and Holland, and India, and the many other countries we now trail in our pursuit of converting our economy to renewable resources. The latest technologies in solar power would be 100% deductible from our taxes, while the billions currently given as subsidies to the oil industry were redirected to training the army of technicians needed to maintain the new solar grid; the oil industry would be left to fend for itself.

In my dream the Liberal Party had at least 10 Aboriginal candidates win their ridings and they too were given a mandate to bring real nation-to-nation negotiations into being between the first nations of this country and the Canadian government. (At least this part of my dream came true: 10 Aboriginal candidates were elected to Parliament – the most in Canadian history.)

As I slept I watched as Trudeau immediately unleashed our governmental scientists whom Harper had muzzled and chained to their cubicles and called for a national conference to look at the very real problems that face this country.

This information and the conclusions drawn from this conference was made immediately available to all Canadians in order that we understood the magnitude of the issues before us.

Trudeau then brought all of the provincial Premiers and Ministers and Aboriginal leaders together to begin the process of creating a national strategy – a strategy that would look at best practices, environmental sustainability, and how best to make a positive impact for now and for the children of our children’s children.

We then watched as Trudeau made good on his promise for Parliamentary reform – where all of our voices were to be better heard. Majority governments would not be made on only 38% of the popular vote – whether they be conservative or liberal. If the Green Party received 5% of the vote, they were duly represented in Parliament with 5% representation. (Then watch how fast the Green Party would grow!)

In this new system political coalitions became the norm – governmental policy happened through compromise, and negotiation. Much in the way it now happens in Germany.

In this dream CSIS and our police forces were allowed to do their necessary jobs, but they were held to strict civilian accountability with clear and limited boundaries.

And then, in amazement, we watched as Trudeau closed the vast web of corporate loopholes that has some of the richest companies in Canada currently paying no taxes at all – and that recouped money would go into fixing our aging infrastructure, hospitals, and schools.

Oh, I had a dream that was straight out of a Frank Capra movie – where the role of the government was to directly address the massive inequalities that have been allowed to grow over the last 30 years. Economic and social inequalities that are now the worst they have been since the Great Depression.

Oh, I had a wonderful dream!

But then I woke up and Trudeau had won a majority government, with less than 40% of the popular vote.

Trudeau had a majority government and all the international media could do was fawn over how pretty he looked, and how beautiful his wife was, and how well she dressed. And look at those wonderful beautiful children!

And Trudeau discovered that, like his evil predecessor, he could govern whatever way he liked for the next 4 years…and I realized that we had replaced one set of conservative 40 percenters with another group of slightly less conservative 40 percenters…and that for the media it was all just tits and ass…and that the best possible thing I could probably do for my sanity was to go for a nice walk in the woods with my dog… who is always ready and eager and totally delirious for his morning walk in the woods…

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