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the view from Hayseed…

September 18, 2015

_DSC2922Tiny wildflower explosions of white and yellow

in a field of green.

A late summer day, hot and sticky, with thunder rumbling far off in the distance.

The dog takes off after the flock of geese who are grazing with the horses.

They take off with a great skwack.

He jumps up into the air –

like he wants to take off with them.

_DSC3598They fly up over the pines

and he turns and happily comes running back to be with me.


After ten years of counselling, splitting and stacking ten cord of winter wood over the past few days

feels like the best work I have done in years. _DSC3750


I’m not a romantic, nor a modern day Thoreau – the poverty here is just as grinding as many other places in rural Canada – but I can appreciate, very deeply, the opportunity to sit for a morning in the back field and watch two fawns as they graze and play with each other; taking great striking leaps over the knee-high grass.

Or to cook dinner with grandma and talk baseball and politics and baking.

Everyone should get to be a character in a John Steinbeck novel at least once in their life…

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