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noble truths – 4.0

June 15, 2015

_DSC7255“That you should know, upon awakening, whether an inhalation or exhalation is happening. While you are falling asleep, you should realize, “Falling asleep inhaling”, or “Falling asleep exhaling”.

Buddha 1

We should pay attention all day long, morning till night, in all activities. The goal is not to become a breathing expert, or even an excellent meditator.

The goal is to see clearly the causes and possible end of mental suffering.

DSCF0057It is to experience, and then cultivate, peace of mind for oneself.

Be aware of your own mind. Let it be undisturbed and free of confusion, because only then can you be of help to yourself, or others.

Buddha 2

1. Life is continually challenging because circumstance keep changing.

2. Suffering is the inability of the mind to accommodate these changing circumstances.

3. Peace is possible (but it is hard work).

horse trail through pines - the farm

horse trail through pines – the farm

4. Through healthy lifestyle practices and very basic mental training exercises (i.e. start today by meditating for 5 minutes), it is possible to systemically cultivate a mind that accommodates changing circumstances wisely, avoid confusion, and does not suffer (as much).

Buddha 3


From: Sylvia Boorstein, Melissa Myozen Blocker, Tsoknyi Rinpoche (Shambala Sun, July 2015)

Halifax Fog (with flash)


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