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my Facebook protection…

June 15, 2015

I was just skimming the news on when I stumbled upon a truly offensive advertisement – the ad said it would teach me 7 easy tricks on how to manipulate women so I could get laid. The ad virtually guaranteed that if I used these “7 moves”, girls would be falling all over themselves to get into my pants.

It was an ad exhibiting all the worst traits in male misogyny (okay some of the worst – for there are a lot of them). Those essential misogynistic notions that all women are bimbos (to be treated as such), and because they are as dumb as stumps they are easily manipulated, and their basic use for men is to be a place a man can stick his sex organ into for a recharge.

I saw the ad posted right on the mainpage of Yahoo – (which immediately told me more than I needed to know about how marketing decisions are made at Yahoo, and who gets to make them. If Yahoo women had made the decision on this ad, it most likely would have ended up in the news section as yet another example of male misogyny and rape culture in America.)

I clicked on “Drive Women Wild with Body Language” and was re-directed to a website called “The Tao of Badass” and after a quick trigger warning (always good for your website’s reputation) I was suddenly listening to some arrogant 24-year-old voice-over telling me how easy it will be for me to get fucked tonight if I go out to a bar with these “7 principles” in hand.

I only got about 30 seconds in before I wanted to break something over this pecker-brain’s head – so I clicked out (alas, I do not know how much the “training” costs) and decided that I wanted to post the url link on Facebook – for women – for my daughter – for other men – to see/hear who these assholes are – and how to watch out for them.

But Facebook wouldn’t let me post it.

It’s a banned website.

Facebook tells me in a red popup that it blocked the website after receiving too many community complaints.

Which seems like a sound corporate decision to make (hello Yahoo!) – on the one hand – for who wants to see bullshit like that popping up in Facebook ads, or as Facebook pages?

But by banning the url, there is now no space for a full debate. Or for discussion.

How do we increase public awareness, when the #1 social sharing website won’t let you see what the problem is?

Sure, you can open another page on your computer and go into and scroll down to the ad (go past the “28 Stunning NFL Wives” post (hey look, more bimbos!), down to “Drive Women Wild with Body Language”) – and thus you can see what all the fuss should be about – but who wants to do that if we could just discuss it directly on Facebook?

I have no problem with Facebook trying to take a corporate ethical stand against such ads (I use the concept ‘Facebook ethics” loosely…as they have often botched this concept over the years) – but it edges into other certain dark spaces – (censorship, freedom of speech) – when it restricts debate.

Plus it kind of infantilizes us in the process…


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