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yesterday…all my troubles seemed so far away…

May 5, 2015

lemon tree blossoms

Spring – sprung – Sprang – into being yesterday!

We woke up, and realized, by the way Miss Price was lounging in the window that it was here! And how it was! 20 degrees. Clear blue sky!

Such elation on Miss Price’s face. Warm sun, a cocked ear to the birds in the trees, a slight breeze coming in the open window.

Our other cat – Waldo – already sitting and waiting and meowing impatiently at the back door. Like a 7-year-old boy on the first day of summer holidays. “Let me out, let me out! So much to see! So much to do!”

What a perfect day to have off from work. What a great day to walk my partner to her first day at her new job!

The God of Small Things had struck again.

Yesterday the lemon tree – exploding in blossoms – got a new and bigger home. The money tree and the_DSC2014 lush plant also move to bigger pots. The basil too!

New seeds of wild flowers sprinkled around.

A book by the window – in the sun. A latte. An avocado.

Such decadence!


Spring explodes all around. The crocuses, in a state of ecstatic pure joy, look like they are about to spring straight into the blue sky.

Everywhere nymphs have shed their winter clothing, Pans dance in the streets.

If only I could go into the woods, if only I sat and listened, I would hear the trees humming, gurgling, smiling, as thousands of gallons of sweet sap rushed up their veins.

Their bark expanding right before my eyes.

_DSC2032From my roof I watched a rat scurry by the garbage bins. He paused, looked around, sniffed the air – what a day to be a rat!

What a day, indeed!















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