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fear and loathing and election campaigns…

April 7, 2015

So, is Stephen Harper finally showing his true colours, or is he simply running scared in the face of polling numbers – with a fall election looming ever closer – and he is selling out completely to the vox populi of the Conservative Party base?

Why suddenly the fear of the niqab? Why make the hijab Public Enemy #1?

Why suddenly the need to put criminals away for life (real life – 99 years plus a day life – not that piddling 25 years we have now in the justice system)?

Why state that people need their guns to better defend their homes?

Why the need to pass a new Bill (C-51) that will allow the government to spy on every Canadian – and with new powers to declare any group – foreign or domestic – a terrorist group – up to and including environmental groups, Aboriginal groups, and any other group that actively opposes the Conservative Agenda?

Why ignore Supreme Court rulings, and a petition against Bill C-51 signed by thousands of Canadian lawyers and 4 past Prime Ministers?

Harper seems to be taking a page straight out of the Netanyahu re-election playbook – where there are only two options – Us and Them.

He has no problem creating social boogiemen (or in the niqab case – boogiewomen) – implying, without ever outright saying it, that all Muslims are against our freedoms, and are the destroyers of our democracy.

Strength. Or weakness.

Safety. Or fear.

Us. and. Them.

Such toxic bullshit.

That he hid in a closet when that lone gunman tried to enter the Parliament buildings says everything you need to know about the true nature of the man.

I hate his nihilistic manipulation of society’s darker self – simply to maintain political power.

Such manipulation of group fear – history has repeatedly shown – ends only ever in tragedy, authoritarian governments, and social and economic collapse.

Just ask the French. Or the British.

Better yet, go ask the Germans where all that social toxicity can take you…and your so-called democratic principles…


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