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sidewalks and hamburgers…

March 26, 2015

It’s almost two weeks now since the two big storms flew through town, dropping 100cms of blowing snow and ice, and some of the sidewalks still end abruptly in walls of snow where bobcats admitted defeat and drove away (never to come back).

The vast majority of sidewalks are still virtually untraverseable sheets of wet ice, leaving people with no option but to walk on the streets, carrying briefcases, beside afternoon traffic.

Stretches of the downtown business district sidewalks still remain single-lane mountain passes – two weeks after the storm. And people wonder why so many downtown businesses are shuttered empty spaces.

That, and the sheer gluttony that for many, who participate in Halifax’s cultural week-of-the-year known as Burger Week, explains everything that is still wrong about Halifax.

That so many people want to brag this week about eating 10, 15, 25 burgers in a week – or, as I overheard on the bus, 5 burgers in a sold-out 3-hour tour of burger shops – speaks volumes to the fact that Nova Scotians have the worst health in the country.

Last weekend the Globe and Mail, our national newspaper, ran a three page analysis of the problems of a dying Maritime region – governmental ineptness, corruption, and racism being the big three highlights – which, because the sentiment came from outside the family – were seen as the uppity thoughts of Upper Canada come-from-aways – and was largely ignored here.

“We do things our way,” is the local refrain – both as a boast and as resignation for the lack of change.

There is much sorrow still to come in this region before the good ship Nova Scotia begins to right itself. But that’s usually the way with a Greek Tragedy. The Gods play their roles right to the end, and the people press on, pawns in a game they do not see, or understand…


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