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A million miles apart…

February 20, 2015

Here’s a ‘canary in a coalmine’ story for you…

I read in today’s Halifax newspaper a story about how one of the last hardwood flooring manufacturers in Nova Scotia is closing down because there is so little hardwood forests left in the province.

Imagine that for a moment…

When the first Europeans came here Nova Scotia was nothing but trees. Now there’s not enough hardwood left to keep a small hardwood flooring business that employs 11 men (mostly part-time) in business.

The article notes that there is an even smaller hardwood flooring business in north Nova Scotia that still runs one day per week. But it’s thinking of closing soon as well.

Now, on the same business page of the newspaper, it was noted that for the first time High Liner Foods – that massive Nova Scotia frozen seafood conglomerate – had sales top $1 billion last year.

With their fleets of massive deep sea trawlers High Liner dredges the seven seas for our frozen fish sticks.

Scientists say that the oceans are now 70% depleted and existing fish stocks will collapse in our lifetime.

There was no mention of the collapse of the hardwood forestry industry in the High Liner fish story. (And does anyone still remember when the schools of cod were so thick you could walk on them?)

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