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new year’s resolutions…

February 1, 2015

_DSC0620Choose peace over war.

Acceptance over hate.

Regard over rejection.

Choose living over sitting.

Take a breath – slowly.

Take another.




DSCF0608Look at a tree. A cloud.

A child’s face.

When is the last time

you talked with honesty?

Sat and listened?

How much of you is just the accepted expectations manifested by your culture, your age, your profession,

your gender, your colour, your income, your fears, your insecurities, your disappointments?

street_photography_portrait portrait_eyes_23 weekly-inspiration-4-portrait-photography-2





Who knows of your loves, your dreams,

your he52c300123aa3bc2c7ef15fff9e2884ebroes, your aspirations?

If you have none, where did they go?

Are you all the things you ever wanted to be,

when you were five?



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