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new year – new perspectives…

January 8, 2015

holidays at the farm

Well, I was going to ease into the new year, relax, stretch a bit, take some pictures, listen to Cuban music – but,

the world barged right back into my cortex when 3 religious freaks walked into a humour magazine’s office in Paris and killed 12 people. (God is Irony.)

and I’m like what-the-fuck?

are we still back in the European Middle Ages, when free speech and religion were at war with each other on a daily basis?

maybe one of these idiots wants to go back in time and blow up the Gutenberg press?

Who said the Inquisition was dead?

and then yesterday a suicide bomber walks into a police academy in Yemen and blows the place to smithereens, killing 37 people.

and again I’m like what-the-fuck!?

fucking fundamentalists. I hate them.

And don’t get me started on the “gentlemen’s club” fiasco that is the Dalhousie University 4th year dental program!

(If you are an American reader you may not have heard of the 13 4th year male dental students who had a private Facebook page called “The Gentlemen’s Club”, where they would post various ways they would like to rapefuck their female colleagues.)

That these 13 misogynistic assholes were not immediately suspended pending an investigation – (and were only this week suspended after a huge national outcry (it took a month of outrage from the public, daily protests by Dal students, national and international media coverage, an open letter to the university president from the female students in the dental program, and an assortment of protests from the Dal faculty (including the Law professor who was in charge of investigating last year’s SMU’s freshmen rape chant fiasco) – that it took all of this to get these 13 young men suspended is a related story for another day.

And – as you know – these three stories only account for a fraction of the violence that has been bestowed on the world over the past month by many of my male species colleagues. Genocide in Brazil. War in Syria. Secret chemical weapons testing – everywhere.

Too many of my brothers of the species Homo Sapien Sapien are utter and complete nihilistic fuck-ups. They are a cancer that, without chemo, has the power to destroy the world. (And are destroying the world.)

If I were God for a day – with the full powers of  God – omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient – the first thing I would do is cull the herd of these moronic psychopathic violent anti-social misogynist assholes.

The second thing I would do is have a class in “violence” put into the curriculum – starting in Kindergarten. With age-appropriate discussions about the fundamental questions that need to be asked: What is Violence? Where does it come from? Why do we use it? What’s the best way to prevent it?

And the third thing I would get done before lunch would be to make the United Nations Charter of Human Rights the mandatory law of the land. (And if any dipshit tried to argue that if his fundamental human right is freedom, then he is ipso facto “free” to ignore the human rights of others, he joins his fundamentalist friends in the afterlife cull-de-sac I have condemned them to.)

Since high school I have never understood the use of violence. I have never understood boys/men who like to fight. (I fought lots as a boy, but never once liked it.)

I hat that irrational urge some men have who accept the possible consequences of living a violent life because it is outweighed by the pleasures of violence enacted on another.

The Grade Six boy in my childhood schoolyard who got a little hard-on every time he beat up one of the kids in Grade One or Two.

The boy on my midget hockey team who got a weird smile of depravity on his face every time he cross-checked a kid in the face. (He also loved, when the ref was not looking, to slash players on the back of their calves with two-handed swings of his hockey stick. He loved to watch them writhe on the ice in pain.)

Or my father going to a bar, specifically to “look for a fight”.

The men who rape and kill children / families / neighbours / women = all in the name of their religious interpretations.

I do not understand any of this.

I am not a God, and I have no powers to install my solutions on the world.

I can only teach the young men I come into contact with in my life. I can only lead by example. And argue my case through my experience.

More men need to do this. (All men need to do this.)

And we have to start as soon as a boy leaves the womb – and enters the world.


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  1. January 8, 2015 7:01 pm

    Well done Sherwood. We need more men outraged at the actions of men. Of course you come close to suggesting we should do in these nasty motherfuckers which may or may not be a contradiction to the nonviolent training you would have mandatory (i guess it is hard not to relapse to male solutions) for what its worth, I agree – destroy all those destructive violent bastards. Oh well…

    • S.J. Hines permalink*
      January 8, 2015 9:48 pm

      ahh, but you see I am God when I suggest we cull the herd – there would be no violence – they would simply disappear to the cup-de-sac 🙂

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