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Where have all the people gone…?

December 8, 2014

In less than 24 hours I have received three different posts about the execution of three different indigenous environmental organizers in South America. One was in Ecuador. The other in Peru. The third from Brazil. (So many deaths in Brazil.)

If you live in North America you will never hear of these deaths in the mainstream media. You will not have heard of the thousands of deaths over the past couple of years – organizers, leaders, supporters – quietly (and some not so quietly) disappeared from the environmental debate.

Thousands! Imagine if ISIS were somehow killing thousands of Americans a year – do you think the media would be covering that?

Did you know that the Brazilian government and its paramilitary supporters have disappeared entire nations of Aboriginal Amazon people? This did not happen a century ago. Not even 50 years ago. Now. Today. Over the last decade entire peoples have been made extinct. Gone. Poof! As if they never existed.

Since 1900 millions of indigenous peoples around the world have been disappeared. Over 150 different tribes of people in Brazil alone. 10,000 years of language and culture and knowledge and wisdom – gone.

Where is their genocide recognition day? Where is their holocaust museum? Where is our outrage? Where are our tears?

And for what have they died? For our endless supply of supermarket coffee. And our soybeans. Our $3 hamburgers and our cheap box store furniture.

At some point you have to ask why our mainstream media doesn’t cover this story.


Who benefits from not telling us?

A Pakistani 14-year-old girl gets shot in the head and we give her the Nobel Prize. Yet, an entire people are eradicated off the face of Brazil – every year – last year – this year – next year – and yet all we see are soccer balls and string bikinis.

And Brazil is just the worst of examples. It’s happening too in Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Philippines, the Congo. The list goes on. It’s fucking outrageous!


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