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well, that was horrifying…

November 15, 2014

Coming back from the Farmer’s Market this morning when a car, that has been re-painted in military camouflage passes me, and on its back bumper are the words (in big back letters) “HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY!

The car pulled to the curb by the bus station and this gorilla of a man (the big chested crush beer cans on his thick head type) gets out and aggressively stares back at anyone who cares to look his way. He is wearing military fatigue pants and a black tee-shirt that has “fuck you” stenciled across the front of it. A real nice guy I think to myself.

But here’s the truly horrifying part: on his left cheek, high on his cheekbone he has a Star of David tattoo. And, on his right cheek, he has three swastikas all tattooed in a line, like tears falling from the corner of his eye.

Holy fuck! I almost walked into a tree in my disbelief.


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