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November 5, 2014

Despite the fact that I think organized religion is run by a closet full of buffoons – the recent Catholic Bishops decision to continue to ignore gays and common law marriage being nothing more than the latest example of a roomful of monkeys with their heads up their asses – monkeys who do not yet realize that their flock (so-called) has already moved on without them – I was still pissed off to see that in the first week of October that my local Canadian Tire had Christmas decorations out along side the Halloween crap. Both of which were beside the lawn mowers that were still on display.

Christmas, Halloween, and lawn mowers! Numbed by my politeness, I decided not to throw something through the window display.

On Monday, the City of Halifax put up its Barrington Street Christmas wreaths, the Catholic bookstore has its nativity scene in the window of their store, and the Superstore decked itself out in grand holiday cheer. I shuffle through this dump of spiritual kitsch and I think to myself Remembrance Day hasn’t even happened yet. I overhear people grumbling because the stores are already playing Christmas music.

WTF business community! Are you that jaded? Do we simply throw decorum out the window? How badly do you want our every last cent?


Well it was another year of record bank profits in Canada, but that still wasn’t enough for Scotiabank.

Today they announced that they were laying off 1,500 employees (Merry Christmas!) and that they are raising almost all of our banking fees, starting January 1, 2015 (Happy New Year!). In the business section of the local newspaper, Scotiabank said that the layoffs and new fees were the only way – in a tight market – that they were going to be able to maintain their “strong results”.

In case you haven’t been watching, Canadian banks have been setting record profits levels – beating their previous surpluses year after year – for more than 20 years straight.

Other banks, the newspaper report noted, are expected to follow suit.

In related news, I saw that Wall Street has already handed out more in bonuses this year, than all of the combined income of all the minimum wage earners in America will make for the entire year.


In our post-modern age of irony we have no heroes. We simply have sports celebrities.

Celebrities who play at being our warrior heroes. Going from town to town like mercenaries, pretending to be warriors, Kings, and Gods.

All the while shilling shoes, and bling, and sentimentalism to the masses – who have forgotten what worship is, (and watch the Carnival instead), who chase mirages and shadows on the cave wall, hoping for a grand feast of nostalgia and tribal pride. Dancing to the beat of our pop culture amnesia and getting fat on our obsession with empty calories.

Get your tickets here! Only $500 for a pair for front row seats.

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