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you must look the part…

October 21, 2014

So, the Conservative government announced that it wants to create a law that will ban the niqab during Canadian citizenship swearing-in ceremonies. Yes, for that that will instantly make a Muslim woman non-muslim.

Yesterday, there was a bunch of shouting from english-speaking nationalists in British Colombia who want a law prohibiting Chinese signs in businesses.

Here in Nova Scotia the government revealed that 80% of new immigrants will leave Nova Scotia in the first year if arriving. Racism being high on the list of reasons why they leave.

As Canadians we love to point our fingers at America and say “how racist they are”. We watch somewhat aghast, as places like Ferguson, Missouri rips itself apart over race.

Yet, studies here show that black university graduates are about 1/2 as likely to find a job within the first year of graduating as their white counterparts (with the very same degree). Black youth are 10 times more likely to go to jail for a crime that a white person is (for the same crime).

And because English-speaking Anglo-Saxon Canadians are not having enough children – not even enough to perpetuate existing population levels – immigration will be the only way our economy moves forward in the 21st century.

Too bad so many of still live in the Middle Ages. Anti-immigrant feelings are already on the rise across the country. Sadly, history tells us that this will most likely get worse, before it ever gets better.

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