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sweet denial…

September 27, 2014



Halifax sunset

Living in this part of the world, where, even in the heights of summer, the temperature rarely ever approaches 30C, tomorrow, Sept 28 – the temperature is projected to feel like 30…the leaves are turning colour and it’s going to be 30! -and people say global warming isn’t happening?

Such nonsense.

Talk to any farmer over 50 years of age – (and especially those in their 70’s, and 80’s) – and they’ll tell you they don’t recognize the climate anymore.

The summer heat is extraordinary. The soil is dying. And the trees can’t breathe.

The butterflies are gone, as are the insects, and the frogs and the snakes, the insects – the fireflies – the wip-o-wills.

They’ll tell you the air tastes different. That the water tastes different. Food tastes different.

The more ‘ornery ones talk about the Book of Revelation. Of Orks. And the Zombie Apocalypse.




And that may all be true.

But tonight, high corral coloured clouds have me dreaming of Caribbean sunsets and the warm air is delicious and soft. (Why dream? I’m already there!)

The cats lounge in the grass.

A neighbour smokes his pipe on his porch.

And the motorcycles thump softly, as they pass on the street out front.

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