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I like…

July 24, 2014

I like that there is a tree in India that is larger than a WalMart store.


I like the way fresh baked cookies leave shadows on the breadboard, long after they have been eaten.


I liked watching 2 young chipmunks at Point Pleasant this morning, who jumped and rolled and wrestled and chased each other through the grass, zig-zagging this way and that, leaping over each other, as I sat reading my book on a bench.


I like that people still wave to me from their sail boats as they drift by in the summer sun.


I like that 2 bumblebees found my 3rd floor wild floor garden out on the back roof.


I like that the newspaper said that more and more people are developing allergies to their laptops and ipads (talk about your canary in a coal mine moment).


At one point in my life I got to sit under a mango tree with children and catch the ripe mangos when they fell to the ground. I liked that too.

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