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Fear and Loathing in Halifax…

July 3, 2014

If you are like me and you have read Hunter Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas at least a half dozen times in the years since you first discovered his scathing 1971 indictment of American consumer culture and realization that the ideals of the 1960’s had all but been beaten to death in the rice patties of Vietnam and on the campus streets of American colleges and Las vegas is ground zero for all that is loathsome about America – and, if you have watched Terry Gilliam’s masterful movie version at least a dozen times – then you will fully appreciate an ad in today’s “Upcoming Events” section of the Halifax free weekly newspaper for an upcoming Saturday night event at our esteemed waterfront casino. 

And I ask you: how could we not accept such an invitation? 

Atlantic Pole Fit Championships This is the third year this test of strength has taken place in Halifax, proving wrong all of the doofuses who say pole fitness isn’t a sport. You try supporting your entire body with only your thigh! With four divisions of competition – amateur, semi-pro, pro, and doubles – and the most hilarious person in town, Cheryl Hann, hosting, you’ll be wowed by mega strength and weak with laughter.

Casino Nova Scotia, Schooner Room, 1983 Upper Water Street, Sat Jul 5, 7pm.”

P.S. Update to follow…


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