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Half of the story….

April 7, 2014

Finally, the first real day of spring has arrived! A spectacularly sunny day after a month of cold March misery.


That first day, in nearly six months, when you can finally go back outside in your shirt and pants.

The snow has all gone from the lawns, and the remaining snowbanks melt stoically – or at least silently – like the last hills of an old mountain range – everything fading and melting back into the sea.

Even the homeless are happy today! All painful memories fade before the bright warm sun.

Anything is possible on a day like today. I could win the lottery! On a day like today! Maybe I’ll buy a ticket for once, just for the fun of it!

I sit in the backyard and see that the land is still dead, but I watch two robins flit from the grass to the trees – and I feel like it is a quarter-of the dawn – this morning, as I came out of my house to walk to work, and I saw the first crimson spikes of a spectacular sunrise breaking over the rooftops of the harbour.

Everything is beautiful on a day like today.

My next-door grandmother-of-four dropped by to give me some chocolate chip cookies she had baked for us. It was her way of thanking me for shovelling her walk, which slips up beside ours.

And Feed Nova Scotia dropped by work, with a feast-full of food – and they piled bananas and oranges and potatoes and carrots and onions and all sorts of good things at our shelter door. Beautiful!

What a great day for clichés.

Grandmothers and friends – smiles and warmth – on the first day of spring.


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