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March 25, 2014

Whenever I call certain politicians, or certain people with power, our version of the Taliban, I inevitably get someone who says that I exaggerate my claim. That I am being too hyperbolic – too sensationalist – and that I misunderstand the essentially benign nature of our democracy.

Well, today I am going to pull some headlines straight from the mainstream media, so you can be the judge.

You can tell me (if you like) what you think about where certain powerful people would like to take us – if we relent – through our apathy, indifference, slothfulness.

I did not have to look hard to find these. They are there, for anyone who wants to take five minutes to look…

1. Alaska Senator Pete Kelly says that birth control is for women who don’t know how to act responsibly.

2. Hobby Lobby says it has the right to deny women health care because of religious beliefs.

3. B.C. passed the Park Amendment Bill today, opening up all provincial parks to oil and gas exploration.

4. The FBI admits that it tracks PH.D. dissertations at leading American universities – in their ongoing attempt to track environmental rights subversives.

5. Senator Richard Ross (Mass) introduced a bill that would require single mothers to get a judge’s permission to date – as ‘random’ dating would be a bad influence on her children.

6. Georgia is about to sign a bill that will allow guns in libraries, airports, supermarkets, and bars. South Dakota is going to allow guns on college campuses.

7. A number of American middle schools are banning girls from wearing “tights” – those ubiquitous pant substitutes that so many women wear these days. They are banning them because they are distracting the boys, and it is therefore the girls’ fault.

8. An 11-year-old girl was suspended from her Grand Junction, Colorado school for shaving her head. She shaved her head as an act of solidarity with a friend who has been going through chemo and had also lost her hair. The principal said she was violating the school dress code.

9. Pat Robertson said that the reason women get raped is because they don’t believe in God.

10. Stephen Harper is going to pass a bill to take the power of running elections away from our independent Elections Canada and put that power in the hands of politicians, pass another to end environmental reviews on new development projects, pass another to make it harder for foreign students to come to Canada, and pass another to make it illegal for farmers to harvest their own seeds for planting.

There, that’s literally five minutes of headlines. I could go on and on and on it you’d like…

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  1. March 25, 2014 11:23 pm

    I think the more of us advocating for change the more collective power we will have in mitigating the ignorance and injustice ! It’s not hard to speak up! I imagine as a graduate student my blog will cost me some opportunities!

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