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Dog Days of Winter…

February 21, 2014

Well, to say that it has been hard to get motivated to write these past couple of months would be an understatement.

It seems that whatever shred of enlightenment principles we had left in North America – and our long valued (at least as lip service) tip of the hat to reason, rationality, science, and empathy for our fellow human beings – is now failed in so many sectors of society.

That we seem to be dovetailing into irrational behaviour appears to be everywhere.

We have allowed governments to pass laws that now allow fewer people than every to control more and more money. 400 people are now as rich as the poorest 4 billion people combined on the planet. The 1,000 richest, have as much money as 5.5 of the 7 billion people on the planet. Why do we allow this?

Despite the polar vortex January was the hottest month ever recorded on the planet, yet politicians and some media would have you believe that global warming is a hoax.

The state of Kansas actually tried to re-create segregation laws that would legally segregate gay people from the rest of Kansas society. The law past the Kansas House of Representatives, but thankfully (surprisingly) got shot down by the Kansas Senate. Now Kansas wants to pass a law that will sanction spanking to the point of “slight bruising”.

At least 300 public elementary schools in America now teach creationism in their science classes.

There are a bunch of Hollywood-produced Christian movies slated to hit the big screen over the next two years. There’s a new Jesus bio coming in March. There will be one on Moses. A new one on Noah and the Ark. It seems Hollywood has re-discovered the Bible, and woe be to those who aren’t Christians.

Quebec passes a Charter Bill that takes dead aim at Muslims and then acts surprised when physical attacks on Muslims increases.

The Harper government has introduced a new “get tough on immigrants” bill, a bill to take power away from Elections Canada to oversee elections (giving that power to politicians), has closed 9 of 11 national science libraries, killed home mail delivery, and tried to bury their own reports on how the Oil Sands development is polluting the Alberta groundwater system and the Athabasca River. And these are just the January Harper actions that come to mind.

We discover almost everyday just how much we are, in fact, being surveillanced at every opportunity. If you used your computer at an airport in Canada in 2013, CSIS now has access to all your personal information. If you have ever gone to Wiki-Leaks you are now on a NSA database and your internet use is being continuously monitored. If you are a member of the David Suzuki Foundation, Amnesty International, or a 1,000 other totally legal environmental or political activist organizations your internet use is now being regularly  monitored. But don’t worry, because I just remembered that Harper is passing another bill making it tougher to be a non-profit organization in Canada.

Thank God for the Superbowl, the Olympics, The Oscars, Netflix, the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the NBA Finals, the Masters, porn, and the upcoming World Cup to keep us endlessly distracted.

What’s tragic is that at one end of the spectrum science is making some of the largest leaps in the history of humanity. There are new solar power and windmill technologies that will revolutionize energy production. Nano-technologies will soon be able to fight cancers at the cellular level. The United Nations just last week released a report showing how we can still save ourselves and the planet through organic farming, sustainable living, and resource sharing.

Yet, we let reptilian swamp dwellers make our political, economic, and spiritual decisions for us.

Its hard enough to get motivated in the dog-days of winter. Its even harder when we leave the Orks in power.

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