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while the cats are away, the mice will play…

February 9, 2014

In case you are busy watching the Olympics – like most Canadians are – you may have missed two new bills (so far only 2) that the Harper government is introducing while no one is really looking.

The first is deals with electoral reform. This will take most of the power from Elections Canada to get the vote out in elections and to monitor spending and put that power in the hands of politicians. It also changes election fundraising and election spending laws – among many other things.

The only thing you really need to know about the new Fair Elections Act, is that when it was introduced into the House, the Minister said that the government values free speech, and then promptly shut down debate on the Act.

Not surprisingly a huge backlash has already started to grow.

And, in the same week, the Harper government announces changes to our immigration laws, making it harder to come to Canada, getting tough on immigrants who commit a crime, and giving the Immigration Minister special powers to take away citizenship without due process, among many other things.

So in one quick week Harper has challenged who and how we should vote, and played to his conservative base by “getting tough” on immigrants.

What a great way to put the Senate scandal behind him and refocus attention on his conservative agenda.

Expect more to come while all eyes are on Sochi.


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