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Cabin fever…

February 8, 2014

_DSC7421When you wake up and look outside and see that winter has, in fact, not gone away, and that yes, it is only February 7th, and winter still has a month or two to go – you allow yourself the one happy thought that “well, at least its a sunny day!”




_DSC7446But then the radio announcer reminds you that it is -20 outside and you feel your heart sink. Sure, if I put on three layers of clothes and then coat and boots and hat and scarf and mitts I can go out and walk around. And I have done that lots. But it just gets harder to do as winter drags along.







_DSC7508I look down at Miss Price and realize that she has the answer. Drink Tequila and sit in the sun.

Okay, maybe she wasn’t on a tequila bender last night – but she sure looks like she was.



_DSC7372And the sun does have a nice effect on the big plants around the house – and if I look at them from the right angle I can pretend that I am in a tropical rainforest somewhere.





_DSC7255And when I water them and spritz them they look more luxuriant then ever.

That’s the magic of pictures. Create an illusion. No one will know.








So, I decided to have a cabin day. Tomorrow we can talk about Stephen Harper’s new attempt to dismantle voter rights in Canada, or how the Keystone pipeline will not affect the environment.

Today I will sit amongst the plants.

I will take Miss Pice’s lead and follow the sunbeam.

Read a book.

And drink tequila.

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