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sleeping beauty…

February 4, 2014

_DSC4667I have had this big green palm tree type plant for 20 years (the one in the middle, by the door) that has done nothing exceptional except be a wonderfully green large plant. It has moved a half dozen times with me over the years. It has grown from about 3 feet to now almost 6 feet tall.

It was so unexceptional that when I went back and looked at my photo files I discovered that I have never once taken a picture of it all by itself. It has always been part of some other picture. Until now. Suddenly, mysteriously, in the dead of winter, it has decided to wake up and bloom.


_DSC7295About two weeks ago a small stalk began to rapidly grow out of the top of the plant and within a couple of days I  realized that there were tiny little flowers on it waiting to bloom.

And bloom they did!

They only bloom after dark. They are barely two centimetres in diameter but man do they pack a wallop!

We have pinned the scent down to somewhere between jasmine-on-steroids and if we had a full bush of blooming lilacs in our house.




_DSC7500Every night after it turns dark (around 6 – 6:30) and as the flowers begin to emerge for the night the house begins to fill with this powerfully rich sweet scent – and by 10pm, one can barely stand to be in the study. It’s like walking the perfume isle at a department store.

But in the front room – at the complete opposite end of the house – it smells like one is in a tropical rainforest.

Tonight i could smell it on the second floor as I was coming up the stairway.





_DSC5769 While this plant always sat under the sky light in our apartment back in Toronto, it now sits in our study, which you can see from above, is basically a green room. Also, as some other seed got in it this summer and climbed and creeped and bloomed all over it, I put it out on the back deck to get a full dose of sun.

Perhaps it now gets enough sun to fully be what it always wanted to be.

Who knew such delights would come out of this sleeping beauty.

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  1. Eric Weiner permalink
    February 5, 2014 3:13 pm

    May this happen to us all.

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