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February 4, 2014

_DSC7443Okay, so we are in the deep dead heart of winter now.

The Christmas season is sufficiently behind us now that it has already faded to an increasingly translucent memory (What did I get from my mom? Have I forgotten already?).

Now it’s February. Traditionally the coldest month of the year. And with this winter the way it has been, it could get brutal.

But for the moment it is beautiful. The temperatures here in the east coast have been modest (0-5C), the snow is pure white (with more coming tomorrow) and at the moment melting into spectacular icicles off our badly insulated back study.

I went for a walk and watched as the horses played with each other at the riding the stables down the street, watched as happy happy dogs chased each other across the fields at the park. The big outdoor skating rink in the Common – The Oval – was packed to the teeth on the weekend. (Of course I did not have my camera for any of this.)

_DSC7423Of course all seasons have their poetic moments. But when it’s -30, it can be much harder to see the beauty in winter. But if you look, it’s there.

The fresh snow here in Halifax, the day after it fell, in the blazing sun,  is so white you think it must have been painted.

It was so light and fluffy that even our cats had to go out and play in it – for a minute or two – before running back inside to sit in the sun by the window.

_DSC7350Don’t get me wrong. I am not a fan of winter. I get that seasonally affected disorder thing more than most people. My girlfriend is already bracing for my March madness.

But I’m popping the vitamin D, trying to exercise as much as time allows, and getting my 40 winks to try and stay on top of it.

And, I am trying to look for the small beauties that come with the season. Like this frozen puddle in the backyard. Could an artists have done this any better?

_DSC7283Or how about this William Morris-esque ice on the bathroom window the other morning? The detail is magnificent!

Winter does have its grand moments. I will admit that. And it plays an essential role in the environmental cycles that make up the seasons.

I keep telling myself these things – all the while noting that every day, is one day closer to spring.

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