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foggy afternoons…

January 17, 2014


Well, after a Norman Rockwell Christmas back at the farm, its been pretty hard to get back in the groove of life.


How seductive it is to sit here by the window on a foggy wet Friday afternoon with Bach and a book and to not think about stupid people like Chris Christie and California cops who get acquitted for beating a homeless man to death.

Far easier it is to rhapsodies about the feel of a horse’s warm breath against a cold cheek than to ponder climate change – and how our insane month long Arctic polar vortex has now been replaced by some form of a January spring where I am able to go out and jog in my shorts (where has all the snow gone?).


I realized over the holidays that I have not once taken the time to thank all the people in the last year who decided to ‘follow’ this blog. It’s gratifying to know that there are others – out there – who still take time to ponder, to reflect, to be amused.

Anyway, today is really only intended to be about sharing some holiday pictures – reminding everyone that there are still places out there that are still outside the city-centric media blitz that is our daily lives.


Tomorrow we can again rage against the machine – against Obama pretending to reign in the NSA – against all the haters out there who do not want to give others the Human Rights and Dignity that we all deserve.


But today is about a winter fog and a light rain, and a good book, and tea, and Bach, by the window…

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