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Holy sh*t it’s cold out!

January 9, 2014

First of all a happy new year to one and all. I hope the frigid weather embracing most of Canada and the US has not left you – at least for too long – without heat or electricity.

It has been a Christmas for the ages. Mountains of snow, ice storms, record low temperatures. I haven’t seen a real Canadian winter like this at the farm since 1980 when the temperature dropped into the -50’s. Some places have never seen temperatures like this in December and early January. I read that the polar bears at the Chicago Zoo even stayed inside because it was too cold.

My mother, a life-long farmer (and from multiple generations of farmers) told me in October that the caterpillar markings were suggesting an early, cold winter – but that we would also see an early spring. So far the caterpillars have been right.

How many of us still know how to tell the weather from the markings of caterpillars? Or from where the bees build their hives in the summer? Or from when the birds begin to flock to head south?

Such folk wisdom is now all but lost.

I read over the holidays that the planet is losing a language (a culture) every two weeks. The vast majority of these are aboriginal cultures/languages. 80% of the world now speaks one of only ten languages. There are now hundreds of Aboriginal elders who are the last ones to speak their respective language. Imagine if you were the only one left who spoke your language?

What a lonely place it would be.

The FOX News team has been quick to try to discredit global warming by saying that this winter is evidence that global warming is a hoax.

However, they have failed to talk about Australia, where it is again record hot, with some places hitting the mid-50’s. Rail use had to be cancelled because the tracks were buckling in the heat. And 2013 was the hottest year on record for the planet.

Climate change will be the fundamental issue of this century. Extreme weather will be the norm as the planet tries to deal with the excessive amounts of carbon in the atmosphere.

Better buckle up folks. The fun is just beginning.

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