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Demise of the CBC, a living wage, and the environment…

November 26, 2013

Rant #1: The NHL signs new exclusive 12 year deal with Rogers to broadcast all games in Canada. Not a big deal you say? Not interested in hockey you say? Neither am I – but the CBC, even though it still keeps its Saturday night hockey broadcast (for 4 years), loses all its NHL ad revenue, which is 1/2 of CBC’s total ad revenue. Add this to on-going yearly budget cuts from the openly anti-CBC federal government and you quickly see that today may well mark the beginning of the end of CBC – which is what Stephen Harper has wanted all along…

Rant #2: If you read Gore Vidal novels you discover that political corruption has always been the fabric of America. What I think the internet does, is allow us now virtually endless access to just how corrupt people are and the lengths they go to feed their orgiastic lust for money and power. How else to understand that some Walmarts are doing food drives, in their own stores, for their own employees, who, Walmart admits can’t make ends meet, yet, at the same time, Walmart then congratulates itself on how it has the interests of its employees in mind by having the food drive in the first place. A food drive, by the way, from food purchased at Walmart. And, need I remind you that the 5 Walton siblings, who own Walmart are each in the list of the top ten richest Americans. Shit like this just makes my head explode!

Rant #3: Has any one seen where the media went? Are they on vacation? There have been oil pipeline bursts, leaks, and explosions all over North America in the last couple of weeks, and I have yet to see any of the mainstream media covering them. Millions of litres of oil sands poisons have been leaking out of their holding ponds in northern Alberta and straight into the Athabasca River – its been going on for months now – and no one is talking about it. David Suzuki can’t even get the media to cover it. And fracking accidents, spills, and leaks have been happening left right and centre and I’m hearing nada. What the fuck!

Rant #4: According to the United Nations Canada now ranks last in the industrialized world in addressing climate change. Recently joined by Australia at the bottom of the barrel – both nations declaring that climate change is mostly a liberal hoax. Harper and Abbot acting like thoracic surgeons ready to carve their nations wide open for every last drop of oil, gas, or grain of mineral that can be found – and to hell with environmental assessments, Aboriginal rights, or long-term sustainability.

Is it just me or are we choking to death in our own corruption?

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