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Tea, anyone?

October 15, 2013

So, let me get this straight: Sarah Palin, ex-governor of Alaska, and former Vice Presidential running mate, stood in front of a confederate flag at the Tea Party protest this weekend in Washington, and accused President Obama of being a Muslim?

And John McCain, former Presidential candidate, and Sarah Palin’s running mate, stated on the weekend (in response to the Tea Party protest) that he hopes that the Democrats would not make fun of his Republican comrades.

Gee John, I’m not sure if that’s possible. (Just look at their outfits!)

If democrats, moderates, and other average sensible Joe’s didn’t laugh, we’d have to cry.

Because it wasn’t just the absurdity that is Sarah Palin. It was the angry speeches about needing to take the White House back for “white” America. It was the vitriolic speeches against immigration. It was the war-stomping speeches against Islam.

If the Obama Administration has revealed anything about the psyche of America, it is just how much racism and hate still exists there. (There is just as much racism here in Canada, but that is for another time.)

After 500 years of white privilege and power, no, white male privilege and power – no, more precise yet : white male Christian privilege and power – in the organic Historical currents that are beyond white male’s power to do anything about (unless they destroy the world – a distinct possibility) – the 21st century will see “White America” come to an end.

Whites do not have the numbers to sustain their dominance at the top of the food chain. In a global capitalist system of seven billion people, whites make up only a small percentage of that number. Just as it was inevitable that England could not forever rule the four corners of the world, so too is it that white males cannot forever rule the capitalist system.

But cultural/social/economic/historical change does not come easy. Tradition, conservatism, ignorance, racism run deep in the slow mind of the average person.

And so, at a fundamental level, Tea Party Americans cannot swallow being governed by a black man (even if he is the whitest black man ever).

So, while we see in the election of a Black president, the first glimpses of cultural change in America, we also see the seeds of future domestic terrorists cells being born. They are driven by the same reactionary responses that drive Quebecers to want to separate from Canada. Or the Basques from Spain.

White-traditional-Christian-conservative-racist-Americans, whose real numbers are dropping, are feeling increasingly isolated in a changing world. And they will increasingly lash out at the new world emerging around them.

It is the inevitable human process that change often only comes through violence – that will come from those people who once topped the Darwinian food chain, but now feel themselves slipping into historical obscurity.

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  1. Eric Weiner permalink
    October 15, 2013 11:12 pm

    All good except I don’t think I agree about your characterization of Quebec. My understanding is that the French were supposed to be equal partners in the formation of Canada. Instead they are relegated to the status of a “whiney bunch of provincials who always want special treatment”. I have heard such statements again and again coming from otherwise very intelligent Canadians. They are not just another province, and they should have special status. Their desperation not to be wholly absorbed, or ignored sometimes leads to unfortunate policies and attitudes but I would not lump them in with the tea party folks who are hate-filled bigots being used by elite moneyed interests to pursue their own agenda. For example they are on the brink of ushering in an enlightened policy on “medically assisted dying” which is far more advanced than anything happening in the rest of Canada, and far more humane as well.

    • S.J. Hines permalink*
      October 16, 2013 10:17 am

      I’m not comparing them to the Tea Party in that sense. What I am suggesting is that there is a reason for Quebec’s new “Charter” that moves to isolate and marginalize people of other religions (particularly Muslims) – and that reason is a reactionary response by white Christian Francophones who are increasingly loosing “market share” in a changing Canadian cultural landscape. I have no doubt that we will see the same reactions from the rest of Canada over the next couple of decades as Canada moves from being a predominantly white nation to a multicultural nation. (In fact, I am already seeing that here in the Maritimes, as the multi-generational locals struggle to come to terms (I’m being as polite as possible here) with the fact that the only way to re-populate a dwindling population is by marketing the Maritimes as a place that immigrants should come to.)

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